To make informed decisions we need to build our knowledge and evidence base through research and innovation, not just in terms of climate change but also with regards to community and business engagement and drawing on local knowledge and experience. This learning will be ongoing through our climate change journey and we are proud to sponsor and be part of various projects from research and education organisations across Scotland and the UK, all with a focus on community and business engagement and climate change.

Acting on climate change adaptation across boundaries

Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange (TalX). Funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

TalX is a collaborative project working across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It aims to establish an innovative learning network to enable a cohesive approach for measuring and acting on climate change adaptation across boundaries. It also seeks to develop best practice for processes which empower national, sectoral and local decision makers. Each of the five case study jurisdictions are subject to similar climate risks but are at different stages of maturity in adaptation planning and implementation. TalX will develop recommendations for the improvement of local and national adaptation planning and implementation.

Contact: Denise McCullagh

Visit project website here

Climate Ready Strathdon

Climate Ready Aberdeenshire and Adaptation Scotland. Funded by Sniffer.

Climate Ready Strathdon is part of Adaptation Scotland’s Climate Ready Localities initiative. The project aims to:

  • Support people who live, work and play in Strathdon in learning about climate change impacts on people and places in the area;
  • Equip people who live, work and play in Strathdon with knowledge on fair and just climate change adaptation and how they can embed this into their decisions;
  • Create a model/case/methodology for community-based adaptation that can inspire and enable adaptation across other localities in Aberdeenshire and across Scotland.

As part of this project, the Climate Ready Strathdon team will also help pilot and evaluate the updated Place Standard tool through a climate lens.


Learn more about Climate Ready Localities

Community Participation in a Just Transition to net zero in the North East of Scotland

University of Aberdeen and University of Strathclyde. Funded by the Scottish University Insite Institute.

This project will help build a stronger consensus about the vision and pathways for civil society to progress a just transition in the North East. As the energy landscape shifts the impacts will be felt most keenly in communities. Hence it will bring together diverse civil society, academic, policy and business stakeholders across three interactive workshops to:

1. Examine global concepts and advances in just transition and how they can be practically applied in North East communities.

2. Identify the narratives and values on just transition by communities and how these interplay with the wider energy system and can drive genuine change.

3. Enhance community agency in the energy system and create a platform for both behavioural and policy change to achieve net zero.

Contact: Dr Tavis Potts, University of Aberdeen, Centre for Energy Transition

Visit project website here

Place-based climate Action in north-east Scotland: investigating climate action where ‘urban’ and ‘rural’ meet

The James Hutton Institute and PCAN/ESRC. Funded by PCAN.

Alice is investigating how place-based sustainability partnerships such as Climate Ready Aberdeenshire address competing demands and priorities in the development of local climate strategies. In this PCAN Research Fellowship, Alice is studying how councils, businesses, and the public sector work together to take action on climate adaptation and seeking to understand the opportunities and barriers to place-based climate adaptation.

Contact: Dr Alice Hague, Environmental Social Scientist

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